Data unload aborted - HTTP status: 403 INOAAI0805 error wit


I get the above (subject line) error while trying to to use the Data Unloader on a doctype in sMH that contains 2 doctype instances.

I am suing Tamino, with security handled by Tamino, not IIS

Tamino runs on Win2K Professional + SP3, 700Mb and IIS

IIS doesn’t have security on (anonymous access)

I’ve tried with using a username and password and without.

Any idea?

Thank you, Peter

Hello Peter,

it seems, like you had some bad coincidences … Obviously you have enabled some special feature - namely, you have defined of list of webservers (i.e. hostnames and ports), which are allowed to communicate with your Tamino database - and you run against a known problem under Windows: the Data Loader/Unloader doesn’t handle web server restrictions correctly in V4.1.1. This issue is fixed in V4.1.2

So to solve your problem, you need to (temporarily) disable the webserver restriction for your database.

All the best,