Data Protection in webMethods

I have a customer who is sending company confidential information one application to other application via webMethods. Now I want to protect that data from viewing the others. Can anybody help me to how to proceed on this in webMethods. Thanks in Advance.


You can encrypt the data in IS using PGP (Pretty good Protection)

Thanks Yogesh for your reply.

We do understand PGP will be helpful during data transfer.
But we are looking for Data anonymization/Data protection while handling the data in webMethods. We don`t want the webMethods application support team to have a view on PI/SPI data.

Is there any way to protect/mask the data in webMethods while processing the same?

Where is this PII data in webMethods? In application logs or as files on a file polling location? You can write a Java service to implement AES-256 encryption and call the service to encrypt the data(individual fields) during logging and if you are worried about files on a file poller location then you can use PGP to encrypt the files after processing them and before moving to the done\error folder.

There is no out of the box feature that can “magically” secure select data from a bigger set of data. You have to choose what you want to encrypt and at what stage you want it encrypted. If you are referring to an application database that webMethods connects to then you can either use AES-256 encryption before inserting the records or use third party tools like Siteminder or DB level encryption to secure that data.