Data Prev/Next and Table in Table


I’ve used an Async Table in order to display a complex list of items (list of parent items is declared as ArrayList in the binding view and bound to the Async Table value attribute). The items self contain chlid items which are also a java.util.List. In order to display the child items for each parent item, I’ve inserted a second Async Table in a column of the first one and set the value attribute to the children listr attribute of the parent row (over control scoped variables).

The whole thing is working well till I add a “Data Prev/Next” Control to the child table and try to navigate through the children of a specific row. I then get this error: [POP.012.0001.wm_cafshared/hidden] A server error occured. The state of this page may be out of sync with the server.

I guess the probelm is that the children tables are dynamically created with the same control-id and thus a click on the “data prev/next” control of one row, calls the event for all the children rows.

I’ll join a sample code of my portlet, as the description of the problem is pretty complicated.

Do someone have a hint for resolving this problem? (12.5 KB)

I think I’ve tried that scenario before and i remember the UI getting a bit cluttered.

What i recall trying was when i needed to explore a cel inside of the main table (say for instance, page through the list) any click would popup a dialog which made for more screen real-estate to display the sub-list. At that point, it made it pretty easy for me to page through the sub-list. In fact, i don’t recall having any challenges with that at all because the modal dialog had a content provider for the sub list that was ‘anchored’ with the correct data.

Hope this helps.

Hi mark,

thanks for the hint. I’ve developped a modal dialogue to browse the content of the table contained in the rows of the parent table and it’s working fine. The only bad thing ist that I had to implement an own data prev/next functionality, because as sonn as I’m using the caf component, the modal dialogue get closed. I guess it’s because no refresh scope is defined for the data prev/next control…