Sorting Problem


Next to the paging-Problem I have a sorting problem.

I get the following Javascript-Exception:

'CASA_colinfosorigin' ist null oder kein objekt

I use a textgridsss2 and a rowtablearea2. With both of them the same problem. I want the default-sorting and I made nothing special in the adapter.

Regards Pascal

…could post some XML extracts - eg about your rowtablearea2 setup…



Meanwhile I solved the problem. It seams that there is a bug in CAI (I hope so at least;).

The problem was my binding:

  • object.listofobject: here sorting and scrolling doesn’t work.
  • listofobject: here everything works just fine.

So I had to rewrite my code, and the code looks now pretty ugly.

Let me know if I missed something or when you fixed that bug.

regards Pascal