Data not passing from SAP to SAP-BC


3 new fields have been added in existing IDOC structure in SAP.
When a test message is triggered from SAP to SAP-BC, I can see the 3 new fields in we05 in SAP. I am saving the pipeline in routing rule service in SAP-BC. When i restore the data from Pipeline,an IDOC structure got created (IDOC_DATA_REC_40) but the 3 new fields are not available in that.

Is the service in routing rule is the first to get called ?
Also I guess the structure IDOC_DATA_REC_40 is standard one and it’s array of strings.


Try disable/enable the RFC/server connection and see if the problem still persists…

If you are doubting the IDOC rec map the recordReference(IDOC documentType) that already have these 3 new fields and link it in the transformFlattoHierarchy in your BC.Then do your testing save/restore pipeline the way you are trying.


The issue got resolved…the code was referring to the IDOC structure in cache…So…I cleared the cache.

There is one more issue now. service is used for xsl transformation. I have modified the xsl to add logic for 3 new fields,but still the service is referring to old one. If I change the name of the xsl,then it’s working fine and able to populate 3 new fields…but If I use the same name it’s nt working.
I think,the old xsl is already loaded in memory and the service is referring that .

How do I load the new xsl ?

You have to clear the XSLT cache aswell…there is a removeAllTemplates service in the WmXSLT adapter to do this.