Data Loader trouble

I’m using the Data Loader and after loading 150,000 documents approx 70MB I tried to load a similar size input file and received the following error:

Index to be inserted is already present
The unique index is already present in the database.
Ensure that the “unique” option is correctly set, and that the data is indeed unique.

Which index is being refered to? And how can I manage this?


What you most probably are trying to do, is loading a document with a docname, i.e. with an ino:docname attribute, that already exists. As of v3.1, docnames have to be unique.

So a general advise is to care for unique (ino:)docnames in the input file(s) for the Data Loader.

So if only 1 of your 150000 documents in the second input file has the same docname as one of the docs in the first inputfile, the second load will be completely rejected and rolled back (as you have experienced). As there is currently no way of guaranteeing uniqueness of docnames before the final stage of the Data Load, your better off to care for this particular point yourself.

This behaviour will be changed in a future version, so only the documents with the duplicate docnames are rejected.

All the best,
Hermann Gunde