Mass load with ino:docname

Hi All,

I want to implement mass load data in the following means,
- If a document exists in database (perhaps using ino:docname as unique key), then update, otherwise, create a new one into the database.

I can’t use the Tamino Data Loader, as it will throw Internal Database Error whenever I specified a ino:docname which already exists in database. Ino:id is not allowed in data file using Tamio Data Loader.

I can also not use JavaLoader, as the documentation have not mentioned that I can specify ino:docname in my data file. And I’m really scared by the usage hints at the bottom of JavaLoader documentation.

My docname will have the format “doctype-key1-key2”, so ino:id would not be a good way anyway. Any good suggestion? Is the 2 Mass Loader provided by Tamino capable in doing this? Or I have to write my own program looping all documents and insert a TXMLObject (with docname) using TXMLObjectAccessor’s insert method?

Please advise, many thanks!!

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You could either write the entire code yourself or you could adopt a hybrid solution.

The code to do the whole thing is pretty similar to what we previously discussed here

But you could just do the query/delete of existing docnames yourself, and then use the Data Loader to load the replacement records.