DATA AREA not being saved as new internal format

What controls the format of the data area when saved from NaturalOne? (e.g., New Internal vs Define Data)

We have a situation where NaturalOne will save the data area as Define Data format (seen only when data area is unloaded). See sample below.

This is only happening for one of our developers so we are thinking it is a NaturalOne setting. I have looked over the settings and could not find anything related.

We are using NaturalOne 9.1.1

Any input would be appreciated.

What we see in UNLOAD (Define Data format)

*S**1 VARIABLE1           (A10)
*S**1 VARIABLE2           (A20)
*S**1 VARIABLE3           (A30)     

What we are expecting to see (New Internal format)

*S**/*DF          0000      A        10  1VARIABLE1    
*S**/*DF          0000      A        10  1VARIABLE2    
*S**/*DF          0000      A        10  1VARIABLE3    

Window menu >> Preferences
expand Software AG node
Natural >> Options tab
Source format

Note that this option is deprecated in ONE 9.1.2.


Thank you for your quick reply.

We did go ahead and try saving some new* LDA’s with this option both selected and unselected (it was initially not selected). The result did not change. The LDA’s are still showing as Define Data format when unloaded using default format option. We did select existing LDA’s to also download to verify that they were New Internal format and it was not a download setting.

  • Note: Modification to existing LDA will not impact format.

We have a workaround for this by adding an extra step to process; download with New Internal Format option and then re-uploading same. Just curious as to what would be causing this for one developer and not others.

Will look into this further if time allows and update if find any solution.

Thank you.

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