Customizing Email message


If an exception occurs in a flow, the webMethods sends an email with the exception. I would like to customize the message.

Could anyone tell me how to do?
I’m using IS 4.6.


What we have done is to use Try/Catch blocks of code and in in the catch block of our code we have the following services:


The handleError service is a service we created which accepts the exceptionInfo from the getLastError service(this service can be found in the WmPublic package in the pub.flow section).
We then use the exceptionInfo and search it for keywords to determine which division in our company the error should goto and generate an email to them with the exception information.
This allows us some flexibility in emailing the exceptions that occur within the flow as well as any other failures that may have been built into the flow that throws the error.

Hope this helps some

Thanks Daniel…

For this, do I need to have a separate “Email” adapter ? Or Can it be done using default services(if so, what are they) provided by webMethods?


We used the smtp service to send emails out. It is located in the WmPublic package under the pub.client section

Further to a request i made a couple days ago, look at the examples in WmSamples.samples.errorHandling. You can modify the code!! I hooked up invokeandCatchErrors with pub.client:smtp - that way you know which service has failed too!


Thanks a lot…


one more doubt along these lines… how does one make sense of an email message… meaning how does one read an email message?

You can send the email to your email client software (outlook express, lotus) or your public email accout (yahoo, hotmail) and then read the message!