Custom web UI for file uploads

Hello Experts,

We are currently working with Active Transfer and have a requirement to develop a custom UI for file uploads, without using the provided web client interface. Upon inspecting the WmMFT package, it appears that there are no public APIs readily available to serve this specific purpose.

We are seeking guidance on how to expose the functions of the Active Transfer web client through APIs to facilitate our custom UI development. Any advice or direction you can provide on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Active Transfer version: 10.15


That seems like a lot of work and potential security risks, considering the standard web client is pretty good in 10.15. It has some ability to be rebranded, if that is the concern

There are large number of hidden/undocumented services in the WmMFT folder wm.mft.ui. Iā€™m certain those are only intended for internal product usage