Custom Processing rule for EDIINT MDN

I am receiving an EDIINT synchronous MDN from a client in response to my AS2 message. I need to kick off a custom service on successful receipt of the MDN after the user status is ProcessMDNMsg:DONE. Is there a way I can write a processing rule to achieve this?

Thank you!

Why do you want to do this when you know the MDN received and done…

If still required may be you can create a custom report based on the MDN status in TN using query services that can results output and send you email.


I need to kick off a service that updates a status file on our as400 once the MDN is successfully received. What would be the criteria to use for this query in order to select the MDN for the associated AS2 message?

Check on the MDN TN statuses (ProcessMDNMsg: DONE,ProcessMDNMsg:WAIT and ERROR) with Interval Anytime or Today etc…along wth sender/receiver info.

But you need to use both these services


Please review the TN BIS documenation for the proper inputs.


But wouldn’t that query result in more than one MDN if we sent out multiple AS2 messages in a single day. Could you please explain how we narrow down the query to an MDN corresponding to a particular AS2 message.

You have to narrow down with the transaction identifier like InternalId (nativeId from TN DB) and correlate from the query results.

Yes query does results multiple messages with out proper criteria and what you care is look for ERROR status if that is what you are looking for reporting purposes.

If you already have a processing rule for MDN ( I thought it’s auto generated by EDI TN pacakge): EDIINT Process MDN Message
you can simply change the default service it’s calling.
If you still want to call existing service, call it from your own service first, along with your own logic.

Just a side note …Its not a good practice that any change/edit to any EDIINT/EDI module services/rules directly that are provided out of box but yes making it to another custom package/edits at your own risk.Bottom line is when issue comes this will not be supported by SAG in any case.


Thank you tongwang. This did the trick!

I understand issue resolved for you but just keep it in mind…

One should not change/edit the Module default provided processing rules and later chances of any TN EDIINT fixes/SP’s could overwrite it…