Custom Operations with Salesforce Connector in

Summary provides predefined Salesforce connectors to perform different actions on few of the Salesforce objects. But for querying objects which are not available by default you need to create custom operations.
In this article we will see how to connect and query from Salesforce using custom operations in


• Access to tenant
• Access to Salesforce credentials


• Connect to Salesforce using pre-defined connector
• Fetch data from Salesforce using custom operations


1) Connect to Salesforce using pre-defined connector

• Create a new project or select existing project in tenant
• Go to Connectors → Predefined

From Available connectors, select - Salesforce CRM SOAP connector

• Click on Salesforce connector and configure the account
• Select Authorization Type as Credentials

• Fill the below mentioned details

Server URL: -
Username: - Same that was shared by the Salesforce admin team
Password: - It will be a combination of (password share by Salesforce Admin Team + generated Access Token)

2) Fetch data from Salesforce using custom operations

• Now create one flow service and select Salesforce CRM SOAP connection (which we already created) to access the operations available at Salesforce side

• If you are unable to find the object that you are trying to query, then perform the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on Add Custom Operation

  2. Select Authentication type as Credential:

  3. For Connect to Salesforce® CRM SOAP – select the connection we created earlier.

  4. Select the operation you want to perform: -

  5. On next screen, you will be able to find the object which you want to access.

  6. Once you select the object, all the fields corresponding to the selected object should start appearing for selection.

7)You can also use search filter to search for any specific fields. In case you are unable to find a field, then the probable reasons could be –

•The requisite view/query access is not provided to the account used to connect to Salesforce.
•The field might be a reference to a different object and you may not have access to that object.

  1. Once you select the fields, click on next and the screen shown below should appear with all the details, like the number of fields selected, object name etc.

  2. Once you click done, the custom operation is created and ready for use in the flowservices/workflow.

  3. From flowservice you can click on Run and fetch the required fields from salesforce.

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