Custom Logging-Service for Flow and Java-Services (logback)

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it is possible to use the slf4j from SAG for custom logging?

I want use logback in slf4j. But SAG use internally slf4j. And there can be only one slf4j in a java-runtime.

What are you experience with custom logging-Services? What are the best practices here?

Other solution is to use log4j without slf4j, but i like to use logback in my java-Services and its depends on slf4j.

What are your recommendation for this?


You can explore WxLogger (Utility tool built by SAG GCS not free :slight_smile: ) However you can build your own LogBack framework referring the source code which available and run the same in IS Run-time.

WxLogger is now re branded as WxLog and is licensed as mentioned by Mahes.

slf4j can be configured to work with Logback and you need libraries only for Logback to be placed for your logger implementation. You can make use of slf4j libraries from the platform installation.

Do not use Log4j1.x since is end of maintenance (August 2015). An alternative for log4j1.x is log4j2.x and it has asynchronous logging as well.

Hope this helps…!

You could use package classloader instead of server classloader to avoid class conflict.


Have a look a the Wiki page I just posted:

Explains in detail how to do custom logging on IS with Log4J2.

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Hi Chris,
thanks for the tutorial! However, apperently this way doesn’t work as of version 10.5 anymore according to Atul’s comment a month ago. Could you advise us (or write a second Wiki page) on how to handle it on version 10.5 and above, please?

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Bump … Anyone, assistance much appreciated.