Custom Java service using S3 libraries in webmethods 9.12

webMethods 9.12

customer license

I need to upload a file in an S3 bucket, this S3 bucket is created by client and details are provided to me such as Access key, secret key, bucket name and region. Since my webMethods suite version is 9.12 i can’t use Cloudstreams due to license restrictions.
Can anyone help with Custom Java service using S3 libraries which can serve my above purpose? Also if possible suggest me URL from where i can download the JAR files used in custom Java code.

Although I couldn’t find the full answer , there are many topics discussing the same , search Search results for ‘amazon s3 #forum’ - Software AG Tech Community & Forums, perhaps this is enough to get you started and you can then reach out with specific steps you are stuck with?


If you plan to use custom client to consume AWS API’s then you need to use AWS Signature Version 4 for authentication. Attached is the sample code which will help you in generating the AWS Signature Version 4.

Please go through the public AWS documentation for more understanding on this topic. (29.3 KB)