Custom Error Codes

Hi All,

I searched everywhere I can in the empower site, but I couldn’t find any best practises for creating custom eror codes and messages from service development perspective. Can someone help me out. Like IBM Integration Bus, for example has error codes for custom use in some range. Is there something like this in SoftwareAG webmethods?

Thank you,
Maxim Dilovski


Not aware of IBM, but for service development in wM, there are no predefined error codes. Its up to the developer to add codes based on the requirements.

Hi Maxim,

There is no such rule for creation of custom error codes.

All depends on our requirement i will tell you what all custom error codes i came accross.

AB001 - Business errors

AT001- Technical errors.

Error Initiating System. Business/Technical.
Ex: SAP.TECH.001, SAP.BUSS.001

and so on…

Syed Faraz Ahmed