Custom adapter for sending SMS

Hi Team, I want to create a custom adapter to send SMS. Can someone share details how to create a custom adapter for this need or direct me if we have any existing adapter to serve this purpose.


You will have to use the Adapter Development Kit and an SMPP library, to build your own. There used to be a package named WmCommunicate, but I’m not aware of an out-of-the-box adapter/connector.

Apache SMPP - SMPP :: Apache Camel
SMSLib -

Caveat - The libraries that I’ve mentioned above may be outdated, so do look for latest supported versions or alternatives.


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Custom adaptor can be created using smpp protocol for sending SMS. You can use mobile message tester software for testing purposes.

Jars and code samples for SMPP can be downloaded from :
To download mobile message tester : Mobile Message Tester SMPP 4.0 Download (Free) - Mmt.exe

This is a great topic covered part of custom ADK… Thanks team.

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when you know the correct format of the recipients sms mail address, these can be sent out by using pub.client:smtp which is a Built-In Service.
You will only have to take of the restrictions for SMS instead of email, therefore attachments should be avoided and the text should be kept short and simple.


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