Current Version?

What is the current version of NaturalONE?

When I download the ‘latest’ version, it installs as Designer 9.1 (light blue)… but an old version from 2014 is installing as 9.4 (dark blue)

Natural in 9.1 is 8.3.4; Natural in 9.7 is 8.3.3 - so not much difference there


The latest general release (not the more recent limited-distribution Innovation release) is Designer 10.1 with NaturalONE 8.4.1. Product Suite 10.1 also includes Natural 8.4.1 and Adabas 6.6.

Perfect, thanks!

FYI - I was trying to create an image of the latest version and was not finding it by platform… now that I know it exists, I see it as an install option (without image)


FYI - I was informed that the 2016 release is the latest General Release, and the version you listed is only available upon request.

An attempt to access the Innovation Release was rejected, but I had no trouble downloading the October 2017 release by selecting it from the SAG Installer. I wouldn’t call that “upon request.”

Which platform? MS Windows 64bit?

No problems for me with Win10 64-bit. And my client has done this with Windows Server 2012R2.