Cumulocity IoT complete Tenant Deletion Mechanism

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

Cumulocity IoT 10.13+

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?


What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

I would like to understand if there is a mechanism in Cumulocity IoT Cloud SaaS operations for the case where a customer wants all his data being deleted, including all snapshots containing its data. If I was using an Enterprise tenant and a customer (sub tenant) of me is raising this request how to deal with it?


It looks like you create a sub-tenant for each customer, then it is quite simple to suspend it and then completely delete. Sub-tenant suspension would block the access to the tenant, but keep the data, which would basically archive it. Then deletion of the sub-tenant would completely erase all the data and tenant itself.

@Marco_Biegel The data in SaaS environments will be deleted by a job for all suspended Tenants after 60 days. So If the customer wants to delete the data on request without any delay this must be handled via a support incident I guess for SaaS environments.

Btw. for Dedicated and On-Prem instances you have the option to delete the Tenant right away (without suspending them).

Thx @Stefan_Witschel @Nick.Ponomar . The mechanism of suspending and deletion of tenants is clear to me.
I refine the question: Can Software AG Cloud Ops legally ensure that after 60 days after tenant suspension completely no data remains in any snapshot for disaster recoveries or cyclic backups etc.? What is the frequency of the deletion of snapshots for disaster recovery?

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