Delete tenant option


I want to delete a specific tenant option in a category, that is not used any longer.
Is this possible?

I didn’t find this mentioned in the Open API.

Regards Christof

The Postman collection has an example of this.

DELETE {{url}}/tenant/options/{{category}}/{{key}}

But Christof has a point. It is missing in the OpenAPI Description and should be added.
I forwarded the feedback that it is missing so hopefully it will be added soon.


Use DELETE {{url}}/tenant/options/{{option}}

To get the current options you can use:
GET {{url}}/tenant/options?pageSize=100&withTotalPages=true

Example response:
“self”: “”,
“category”: “mycat”,
“value”: “123”,
“key”: “myKey”

Then you can delete it with DELETE

Where are all the location or configuration files that contain all the API end point URL and configuration?

does it only exist under or somewhere else? such as ./packages/services/common/xxxxxx/flow.xml and *.cnf ?

We are migrating Webmethod server from one datacenter into another datacenter and did not want to miss any API relative configuration from the old Webmethod server. We notice some of the services has been hardcode with the IP address.

Any help will be appreciated.


We have GC collection running that is causing the IS Servers 10.5 to hang. We already allocated 8GB RAM. Any suggestions?

The MWS Servers has connection issues as well. Keep getting connection time out.


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