Creation of secondary Database

Hello everyone,

We have a requirement to create another database on different server so that in case of any issue on primary database, we can switch to secondary database without loss of data.

Primary Server: frhdstdrpov05.main.glb.corp.local
Secondary Server: frhdclyrpov04.main.glb.corp.local
Database Service Name: HRM800P_DG

For this, DB team has created the database on another server and synced it with the primary database. They have also created a database service on each database(say HRM800P_DG) and shared the configuration string with us to configure it at our end. Below is the configuration string-


Only one server will be active at one time, and when required, DB team will do the switching at their end.

Could anyone please help me what all places I have to update this string. Few places that I have identified are-

  1. All the JDBC adapters connection strings
  2. MWS config file (mws.db.xml)
  3. All the Pool alias definitions which are connnecting to this database

Any other files/setting i need to modify?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Prateek,

when you are using Optimize you will have to reconfigure the database connections for this in MWS CentralConfiguration, redeploy the environments and restart these.