Hot Standby Database configuration.

Need to know if anyone has created a JDBC connection that has the hot standby databse information in configured. I would like to have the primary database hostname and database name with the secondary hostname and database also. I am thinking it should look something like this.

DataSource Class= oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource
serverName=PrimaryServer; SecondaryServer
databaseName=PrimaryDB; SecondaryDB
Other Properties=driverType=thin

in what senario you want to access these databases? Is there any loadbalancer between the primary and secondry database?

No there is not a load balancer between the two, one database is the primary and the other is a “hot standby” where the data is “mirrored”. So in a Distaster Recover type event the secondary is used. On the desktop this is handled by the tnsnames file, but since we are using JDBC, oracle is not on our unix servers so there is not a tnsnames.

You would first need to understand that how this fail over has been configured.

One way of having such hot and cold fail over is to configure your primary and secondary databases in a “Service Guard” cluster. Your both databases then can be defined as a package at Unix level and at your IS you would point to the Package but not directly to any specific database.

Hope it make sense to you.