Creation of .CSV and.XML files

Say i have a flow service that retrieves data from a database and creates .xml and.csv files out of that data. Now what will the output tab of such a service contain?

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Your questions sounds confusing.Do you mean what the output type should be??.If that’s the case normally it can be a xml or csv filename of type string
Also Please elaborate your requirement so that you may get exact answer you are looking for


OK, see, what comes out of the flow service is actually a file of type csv or xml(which is supposed to be sent to a document store from there). Now from what i know in flow we do not have any file objects as such, we have IS documents. SO my question is what will i have to write in the output stage of this service, will it be an IS doc or will it be a string or what?

I think this is what i need, could you pleas elaborate on this?

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you can have output as bytes, stream, object , string depending on what you are trying to do downstream.

what is your document store ? You can have string or byes as a output and can use “writeToFile” service to write the content on the file system.

A quick glace at wM developers guide may help you to clear your doubts.