Creating popup messageinput box events in developer

I am trying to create a popup message in Developer when I unlock a service. Basically, when I unlock the service, before control is given back to the Developer, I want to display a input box (with ok/cancel buttons) where I can input what changed. I think this would be in the Developer code, but I would like to put it inside a java class.

Anyone have any type of experience or reccommendation at all??

Thanks in advance.


As far as I know, there’s no easy way to do this, and if you manage it will not be supported. This functionality will require rewriting parts of the Developer’s core java code.



Ok…I got a popup in developer when I unlock the service. Now sending data back to the server is another problem. I display an input box, type something as input, then I want that input sent back to the server.

I know the developer communicates with the server via http, but does anyone know how data is sent from a developer event back to the server?

I do not know exactly, but you may want to try and add some port sniffing software to your system. That way you can watch what is being transmitted to and from Developer. I don’t think you would need the same on the server machine as it should be duplicate information. I am not totally sure, but there may be a tool that uses winpcap (on windows) or a snort style program. Sorry I am not too helpful. You might also try to proxy out the connection with a custom java program if one does not already exist on the internet for free. Then you can send the conversation to a log file. I definitely don’t know if the interface between the two it openly understandable, but a little brain analysis should help you there. That could be a nice venture for working out Developer kinks or a “new” feature. Good luck.

Good day.

Yemi Bedu