Creating Idoc doc type without XSD/DTD

Hi All,

We need to use a Custom IDoc, which is created by SAP team and shared the IDoc type & Message type with wM team.

Now, SAP can’t provide any XSD/DTD and their version is < 4.6 (guess it’s 4.5) & they can only provide DTD for standard Idocs but not for custom.

Is there any way that webMethods team can create the IDoc doc type in developer and build the integration with SAP?
IS ver - 7.1.2
SAP adapter ver - 6.5

I appreciate any help in this concerns.

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Two possibilities:

  • Create the document type by hand in Developer.
  • Create the document type using an example XML document. Adjust the resulting document type as needed.

For creating SAP doc type you need to create RFC notification select ALE Listener Notification(asynchronous) and this creates doc type foryou depends on SAP available document types accessible by your ECC system based on the SAP connection you already connected to:


can any one tell me how can we process IDoc created by ALE asynchronous notificaiton on selecting list of elements

IDoc will be listed in Publishable document of ALE asyn notification.
How can we are going to process the IDoc