Creating Flat File without record identifier

How can I do this? If a create a flat file with convertToString with a right ffschema the string value in output always gets the record identifier in the begin of a line. I don’t want this. Can anyone please help me on this.


See the following post



I’ve been facing exactly the same issue today ; pay attention to the fact that the correct Record Definition name is NOT ‘recordWithNoId’ but ‘recordWithNoID’ (ID in caps).


Thanx guys,

Now finally I get the point with “recordWithNoID”! It’s working now.


I want to thank you too. This e-mail stream helped me too once I realized that I needed to rename my record to “recordWithNoID”. It’s no longer putting the record name in the beginning of the flat file record, however there is still a leading field delimiter (I’m using tab) that I don’t want there. My record should start with the first field, then the delimiter. What am I doing wrong?