How use CRLF in flatfile field

We have a problem in creating a flat file schema for a kind of flat file data, where both record level and field level delimiters (carriage return line feed) are same for some of the records. The data given below resembles the kind of flat file data we are dealing with.


In the above sample data - Name, Address & Department are the three records, and Street,City,State & country are fields of Address record. While the fields of other two records(Name & Department) appear on the same line, the fields of Address go into the next lines as well. Though we were successful in creating a schema that generates the output in the same format as the sample data, we are unsure about the accuracy of such created schema. Can anyone help us out in creating a schema for this kind of data, where record level delimiter is "CRLF” (carriage return line feed) and field level delimiter is ‘*’?. after every fields of address record there is a separate field holding "CRLF” (carriage return line feed).


In a flat file schema , record and field delimter are at file level which applies to al record.
Define record delimiter as * field delimiter as " CRLF".
Create a flat file transformation service for ADDRESS record and append each value with a “CRLF”.

Downside of this approach is you have to fiddle with the business data and transformation service will be performance bottleneck.