Creating another instance of API Gateway

Hi all,

I was able to create another instance of API gateway using this command →

sudo sh ./ create<name> -Dprimary.port=<port> -Dweb.http.port=9070 -Dweb.https.port=9071 -Dlicense.file=<license_file> -Dpackage.list=WmAPIGateway

So I do have 2 instances of API Gateway running on the same machine. My question was when I’m going to access the APIGateway using the default port which is 9072 on the web browser. I can’t access using the default authentication (uname : Administrator, pword : manage). But when I delete the additional instance & restart the default instance, I can access the APIGatewayUI using the default credential.

Does it mean when I create another instance of IS, it would also create another APIGatewayUI based on the port I provided on the script (-Dweb.http/s.port)?

How do I point that this specific IS instance is pointing to this APIGatewayUI.

Hi John,

Was the Event data store up and running when you access the instance?
I think that the Event data store might have shutdown when you had shutdown the second instance, since the you have single Elasticsearch for both instances.

Try connecting to a separate external elasticsearch instance for the second instance and it will work.