Creating an integration service

I am new to webmethods 6.0,i want to create a simple integration which reads data from an xml file into a database.Could somebody give me the steps.

Please use the following steps

  1. string to document service with a xml data as input
  2. document to record with record as output

As Peter said, the two steps will give you a record structure. From the record you will have to map the data into variables and then do an insert into the database table using pub.db:execSQL.
If your database table is SQLServer2000, you can directly invoke a stored procedure in the server and input the xml to be inserted into the table.
Please let us know how it goes.
Thanks and Good Luck

Is there any WMbuilt-in-service which I can use to get rid of non-printable characters from the data like 360° (need to remove ° “degree sign”). My back end (mainframe) does not like those and the data gets corrupted b/c of this.

I am using WM4.6 with TN4.6 on Sun Solaris.


Hi, Afroz.

There is no service to remove non-printable characters. You could try writing a Java service that does this for you. You could also perform front-end validation on the data so that the special characters are never submitted to the webMethods Flow in the first place.

Good luck and let us know what you come up with.