create skin and change base.js

I need change base.js in my custom Skin in MYwebmethods Server 7.1.3,
but when I restart server the file Base.js gets overwritten.

Is there a way to utilize base.js or MWS to use the Customer s skins without getting

You should be editing the base.jsi file instead of base.js.

thank you Eric,

I put the base.jsi file in scripts folder, but this scritp wasn’t include in runtime.

You have any idea what I’m doing wrong?.

Does your skin declare that it has a custom js file?

For example, your file should have something like this:

  <!-- dynamic js file -->
    <description>standard scripts</description>

When the skin archive is being deployed, the files specified using *.jsi properties are processed to create the *.js files.

thank you Eric,

your solution solve my issue.