Changes made in userExits.js file for host key not working.

I made changes in userExits.js file in order to restrict few PF keys but it was not working. I also tried to show an alert but that also did not work.

Do I need to made anymore changes ??

Please help. I am using Applinx8.

Today I saw that the changes made in file userExits.js has started working. It’s working because I removed the application from the server and redeployed again. After doing this only changes made in file userExits.js started working.

May be this is a solution or there is something else that needs to be taken care of.

Dear Kumar,

in general if you’re working from an Eclipse environment, changes are most likely to take effect immedietly (sometimes tomcat might need a restart). When you change the file inside the tomcat directory, no eclipse involved, you’re more likely to need a restart in order to clean up the server’s cache.

Hope it helps,