Create Group and Extended Fields

Wm 6.1 Setting up EDIINT AS2 Sender Reciever extended fields
When I attempt to add five extended fields to the trading partner profile I am not allowed to type. My partner is disabled. I am adding information per EDIINT Component version 4.5 documentation.

  1. Open the trading partner profile of any partner who will recieve or send EDIINT documents.
  2. Create the following five Extended Fields(and the EDI group).


I have found what I am looking for.

Thanks anyway

Can you pls tell us what you found and the resolution…wmusers can benefit that incase anyone faces the same kind of issue…


Could you please assist me in adding SenderID for the trading partner in webmethods. Getting invalid sender id error when processing document.

Hi Anusha,

you will have to add field DUNS with the value of senders ID to the appropriate partner´s profile.

And in the TN DocType definition add a query to extract the field from the payload which holds the senders ID.


Thanks Holger for the reply.

Now the issue is resolved . But submitted document input is not mapping to service input configured in processing rules. Could you please assist me on this.

Hi Anusha,

Hope you might resolved your issue. If not once document is recognized in TN, Bizdoc will be generated and in your processing rule service you have use input signature as Bizdoc.
You can fetch input data from Contents inside Bizdoc document.