Create Flow service Dynamically


I want to create flow service along with a mapping node dynamically is there any APIs I can use within I am using integration.

Hi Farooq, can you clarify why you want (or need) to do this?

In the FlowServices editor there is now a Smart Mapping capability. You can read about it here: FlowServices - Integration
If you add a transform pipeline step into your FlowService it will ask if you want to enable this feature. For example

Read the documentation and give it a try. I’m not sure if this will meet your needs.
Please clarify your original question.

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Actually I want to create a flow service with mapping tasks dynamically using some APIs like
CreateFlowService(Input, Output) and then some task steps

But why? :slight_smile: What’s the use case for wanting to do something like this?

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We want to see how to migrate flows from other integration products/solutions to
So the idea is to read code of the source integration solution and then create a similar flow/process in So the final output should be a flow service or workflow file that’s created in or can be imported in
What are other ways the migration can be done.

There is no magic bullet to translate code in this way and certainly not reliably. Platforms have very different ways of going about the same thing. We would have a very hard time to write such a translator even for a specific competitor, never mind a generic tool.

If your have tooling is built around java libraries then you will be able to import them into in the 11.x version which will come out next year. Likewise for our on-premise customers they will be able to use their on-premise developed packages in as well!



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