webMethods.io Integration: Create and Run FlowService


This article explains the overview about webMethods.io FlowService


  • webMethods.io subscription
  • If you don’t have a subscription, then please follow the below link.

URL: https://www.softwareag.cloud/site/product/webmethods-io-integration.html

Login to webMethods.io platform:

  • Connect to webMethods.io platform using tenant URL.
  • Once we login into the platform, we can see the dashboard with couple of features

Create FlowService

  • Once the project is created, navigate it to FlowServices.

  • Click on +New FlowService
  • New untitled blank flow service gets created.


  • Rename the FlowService in this case as GetAccounts

Add string Inputs to the Service

  • Add 2 input parameters as string1 and string2


  • Add 1 output parameter as outstring


  •   On FlowService select Transform Pipeline from controls


  • On the transform pipeline click on edit mapping


  • Click on transformer


  •    Add string concat transformer


  • Save the flow Service and run it.


  • Output of FlowService.


Maintain pipeline

  • Services have the concept of a pipeline. The pipeline contains all the variables and their values that are present at a given point in the service
  • We will edit the pipeline to discard data that is not needed at the specified steps.
  • Open the transform pipeline


  • Drop each variable and select drop icon to discard the variable from pipeline


Run the service and verify the output

  • Run the flow service
  • Verify the output


  • We can validate all the pipeline variables are dropped.