Create EntireX RPC server .NET wrapper

I want to create EntireX RPC server .NET wrapper class based on the IDL, I’d like to choose the name of the assembly, not the same as the library name in the IDL. I tried to use FIX(library), seems not working. Can someone give a help?

If you are using EntireX v8 with the Visual Studio.Net plug-in, you just need to change the settings - right click on the project, select Properties, then change the Assembly Name under Application tab.

For EntireX v7.2 (out of support!) try aliasing or overriding the LIBRARY name in the IDL and regenerate.

Library 'EXAMPLE' is
  Program 'CALC' is


Library 'EXAMPLE:myDLL' is
  Program 'CALC' is


Library 'myDLL' is
  Program 'CALC' is

one or both of these should work (I can’t confirm it since I no longer have v7 installed).