Create and export Business rules in WM 10.5


I am new to webMethods and am trying to create and export business rules in WM 10.5

Couple of questions:

  1. I have installed the Service designer 10.5, however the WmBusinessRules package is not available by default as this is a free version. Is a license required to install WmBusinessRules package or can it be done without a licence ( if so please let me know the steps )

  2. Is there a developer’s guide that provides step by step details of creating and exporting business rules in WM?. Also a sample example should be ok.


Hi Sharath,

I doubt that the ServiceDesigner bundle has the Rules Component available.
I am not even sure if the regular trial version has it available.

Please note that the ServiceDesigner is bound to only work with the bundled IS which is very limited in its functionality.
You can review the license file under config/licenseKey.xml in your installation directory of ServiceDesigner.


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