create a text index on a huge collection

hi everyone,

working with tamino 4.2.1. My collection is 270,000 documents.

i 'm trying to create an index on an attribute (i get the schema in the schema editor and add a multipath text index on my attribute and then ask to update the existing schema) but i get an INOXPE8701 (memory allocation failed).
I have tried to use the X-Machine tool via the admin command ino:RepairIndex(“kerncorpus-all”, “TEI.2”, “continue”) but i get the same error.
As i have other text indexes and it takes me one full day to rebuild a collection, i don’t want to use the command _admin=ino:RecreateTextIndex(“CollectionName”, “DoctypeName”) because i am not sure i can have them back when it’s done.

Is there a way to get rid of only one broken index without clearing the others ? Or a way (like assigning more memory somewhere in the properties of the server ?) to overcome the memory pb ?

thanks in advance

Hi Thomas

Is there a way to get rid of only one broken index without clearing the others ?

Yes, use ino:RepairIndex(“kerncorpus-all”, “TEI.2”, “drop”)

INOXPE8701 (memory allocation failed)

You should create a support issue on that - may be is is fixed in Tamino 4.4


Hi Uli,

thank you for the quick reply !
Unfortunately, the ino:RepairIndex(“kerncorpus-all”, “TEI.2”, “drop”) throws me the same memory allocation failure…


Hi Thomas,
I also experienced a number of index-(re-)creation problems with 421.
I know that a number of these have been solved with 441.

However my experience is, that unload and reload into the real schemadefinition is often faster than fiddling with various parameters.
That is: if you are not in a multiuser production scenario and also have sufficient disk-space :wink:


HI Thomas

pls create a support issue for this


hi Ulrich, hi Finn

the update kit (INS42108.VS0) available in the KB of servline24 corrects the memory allocation failure !