couldn't see the EDI data in content tab


We are using 9.0 Version software and X12 EDI standard & 5010 version.

Whenever we receive Inbound EDI, in MywebMethods, we couldn’t see the data in content tab. Even I tried getting the data using built in services, it says there is no data.

For every Inbound transaction, Ex:997, we get the below transactions, in which only in EDIINT we could see the content.

  2. X12 Envelope
  3. X12 Group
  4. X12 5010 997

Noticed one strange thing. If any the above transaction gets invoked by PR and if doesn’t have any service tagged to it, then we can’t see the data in content tab.

Why is this behavior? I verified in PR and doc types, Document is in ‘Persistant’ mode.