Couldn't see any RN transaction


Our client doing testing in our lower environment by hitting wm.ip.rn:receive by they got

HTTP response 500 “internal error” and
HTTP response 699 “error connecting to the host” Read time out.

they can do transaction in our production not QA. We have this service wm.ip.rn:receive as “Anonymous”. I’m new to RN, any idea why its getting failed?


Most likely it’s seems a firewall related issue connecting to your QA env from outside (source ip to targetip)…Do you know if their ip is open to your network?

Please check with your network team if they assist you better:



When we verified in reverse gateway server, we could see time out error, and our wm.ip.rn receive is getting hit but no clue how to proceed in this. New to RN.

Service got hit, but customer see error ‘Read timed out’ looks connection got closed after timed out since no reply from our side. Once the rn:receive gets kicked off, will it publish doc? Checking on that.

Hi Sam,

As RMG Said http 500 error is related to network issue only

but you are telling that invoke is happened, then why don’t you trace and see what is happening?