Could not see the output of the receive service

Hi, I am trying to test the service (in wM 6.1) from my flow. Since the new service of wM 6.1 calls a service called clearTNObject, I could not able to see the Bizdoc in the output pipeline.
Does someone know the reason of dropping all the objects. How can I get the Bizdoc in the output pipeline.


Hi Akshay,

why are you using service in your flow?

If you want to send data to TN from with in flow service use either “” or “” or “”.


Always standard routing TN service in the flow is the xml node),this will give you the bizdoc,sender,receiver in the pipelineout.


Thanks Satya/RMG, I was trying to somehow simulate the scenario of posting the file from outside the enterprise. So you mean if the file is posted to TN using receive, I should able to see the Bizdoc in the pipeline of the service that is invoked by TN processing rule ???

Thanks Again


yes bizdoc will be in the pipeline when the Processingrule will kickoff the Execute Service that you set in the rule.So inorder to extract the bizdoc from the pipeline you have to set ServiceInput is located in WmTN package.Please check it.

You can test it with savepipeline/restorepipeline and make sure the bizdoc in the pipeline.



You can put the savedpipeline/resotrepipeline in the service that is called by your processing rule from TN. You can then debug this service and you will be able to see the pipeline variables.