could not publish \"Adapter:processLog\" Timeout (

I need help from expert about Enterprise Server inside. please help me.

I can sometimes found out following error message from log.

Event Type: Error
Event Source: ActiveWorks40.MSSqlAdapter
Event Category: Broker
Event ID: 93
Date: 2003-03-28
Time: 07:01:34 AM
User: N/A
Computer: APKRSELDB003
MSSQL_Batch: (093) could not publish “Adapter: rocessLog”
Timeout (112-1450): The request timed out. (BrokerClient.publish-7036)
: %2

as I understand, this error message arise after adapter wait for reply from Broker for 30sec,

Am I correct?

What I want to know is

  1. What condition the error can happen in?
    Overwhelming traffic to broker cause this situation?
    Broker queue or Broker log file is full?
  2. In order to avoid data loss, how can I do that?
    just forget saying it’s the limitation of this product? --;;
    Is there some fix pack?
    We are using following version.
    Broker v5 sp 7
    Adapter Runtime version – 4.6i / Version checked in adapter manager )
    SQL adapter – Version
    ( checked in adapter manager )

thank you very much for your attention