Could not able to change and save the file polling properties in "Edit file polling configuration" in 10.11 free trail version

Hi Team,

I am currently using wM 10.11 Free trail version and I have created a file polling port to process a sample xml file.
However, I am not able to save the edited the file polling configurations using “Edit file polling configuration” functionality.

On clicking the “Save” button in the “Edit file polling configuration page”, it doesn’t do anything.

I could not see any error message, neither in heading nor in the Server log.

Kindly let me know if anyone has any suggestion or solution for this issue.

Thanks in advance.

@Lakshmi_Hulmane I do see that the ‘Save Changes’ isn’t working as expected. Probably, a defect that would need investigation. Would you be able to create a ticket for this?


@Lakshmi_Hulmane, Similar problem is reported by other customer and fix will be available for Flatfile module. I have requested team member to provide inputs if there is any workaround available.


Hi Team,

Thanks for the reply.
Will the fix come for free trail version? If yes, when will it be available?

@Lakshmi_Hulmane I really doubt if you would get an update on a Trial version.
Please check FAQs here webMethods Free Trial FAQs

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