CostBenefit analysis

Hi, Im kinda new with this but I am trying to make a cost/benefit analysis for a client of ours. The customer wants me to prepare an estimate on the savings that can be incurred once NPP is purchased and used for the following IS service cycles: maintenance, application development and enhancements. The customer wants a 3 year estimate on this.

From the technical briefing document, the figures given is way too high and overly optimistic and I want to be as realistic as possible. Is there any template available or at least assist me in conducting this study so I can make the appropriate and justified estimates? What is the bare minimum that can be saved in the 3 service cycles mentioned above?



Not sure this is the right forum. This is for NEE (Natural Engineer).

Can you check we are talking about the same thing?


Yes Brian, you are right this is about NEE (Natural Engineer). Really do appreciate your help.


I understand your request. Also as Brian mentioned already, its not only related to NEE but also to the SPoD environment and the productivity boost you would achieve. The technical brief paper is covering both develoment and maintenance activities, where maintenance productivity gains are most related to NEE.
I would recommend first to analyse customers’s most common activities in development and maintenance and then develop a productivity comparison between the current environment and the new SPoD environment. the technical brief is a guideline you can use. the percentages of productivity gains might differ from installation to installation, but is based on customer experiences and directly comparing the steps required before and after.
best regards Karlheinz