Planning a project - can we Multitask?

We have an application where we need to increase the size of 5 fields which are in a number of files. Many of these changes will involve the same Natural modules.
We are also aware that there is a possibility that many modules are not actually being used in the system, and would like to get rid of them.
We hope Natural Engineer will help with both these tasks.
We will be using Natural Engineer on WIndows XP - the repository will be accessable by more than 1 person.
My question is: Does one do all the file changes as one exercise? If not do you combine the changes for 1 field in many files, or 1 file with all the fields? Can more than 1 person be working on this at the same time?
Can somebody else be doing the tidy up - i.e. getting rid of unused modules, some of which will contain references to the fields to be changed.
As we have a tight schedule to meet I would appreciate your comments on the most efficient way for us to go about these tasks.


Saw your note on SAG-L :wink:

If you have sufficient time, I would suggest that you do the tidy up first. This will mean that you will not be receiving impacts on dead objects.
The Unused Objects report will quickly determine this objective.

If time does not permit this, then there is the Impact Sets feature, whereby the impact anaylsis is carried out only for the objects defined in the impact set.

It is possible to carry out the multi-DB field expansion at the same time, however, take care. If you use the consistency option (in places called Multiple Iteration), it will find derived fields (i.e., fields impacted due to the database field length change).

The easiest way to do this is use the Multi-Search impact analysis, or DBFILE. With the Multi-Search, you are able to Exclude impacts dynamically based on names and formats. For instance, if you have a generic work area in the GDA, which is redefined according to what function is actually using it, you would wish to exclude this field else you end up with alot of noise impacts that you are not going to alter.

Does this help or do you need more info?


Thanks for your reply. I am expecting to get our copy of Natural Engineer in the next few days so haven’t actually started yet. While I am waiting I am doing a cleanup using XREF data, so I think your advise on tidying up first sounds good. It has been a while since I last used Natural Engineer so I can’t quite picture some of the functions you are describing so I may have more questions once I actually get going…
Cheers… Priscilla


Assuming thru SAG ZA?

Make sure they give you NEE521 (latest release).

Keep the questions coming!