Bulk Report Generator??

This may be obvious to many… but not to me. I am running NEE6213 on Windows XP. All is running well. I am trying to use the Bulk Report Generator. It runs. The Question: WHERE DOES NEE PUT THE BULK-GENERATED REPORTS that the documentation says I can review at a later time?? To wit:

“Bulk Report Generator
This allows you to select reports to be executed at the same time. You can use this option to produce all reports for viewing later.”

View how? From where? I have looked in every folder/sub-folder under NEE, and there is nothing that looks to be a file that contains any data in any format that could be a report file. Thoughts?

By default it will create the .CSV files and the REPORTER files.
.CSV in c:\programdata\software ag\natural engineer\data\xls
By default these will open in MS Excel
The REPORTER files will be in something like:
c:\program files\software ag\natural\natapps\pic
(That is just how Natural Reporter works…)
You have to click on the report.rpt and then select Print Preview to see the report in Natural Reporter.

Thank you, Brian. Where in the documentation does it point this out? I found the files, but they are not particularly useful in the csv format – you have to do a lot of manipulation to make them presentable. And the generated file names are not application specific, so you also have to rename them if you want to keep them before running the same reports for other applications. Has anyone else mentioned these issues? I am looking for facilities within NEE by which these particular things (default format/location for bulk reports, file names) can be controlled. It looks as though running the reports individually is the only way to have it my way.

Depends on the size of the application but the .CSV files are useful for then using MS Excel capabilities for summarizing the data, like Pivot tables, etc.
The location could be changed but I’m more intrigued as to why you are running these bulks reports as NEE is designed to be an interactive tool and the reports are fairly static.
Which reports are you running and for what purpose?

I should say that the csv files are not particularly useful for my purposes. I can certainly see that they can be useful for that manipulation you mention.

I have 32 NATURAL applications (z/OS), some large (>100K LOC), some small (<10k LOC), most fall somewhere in between, but all are under consideration for migration/conversion. I am tasked with putting together a “book” for each application with reports, spreadsheets, diagrams and charts that present a “technical picture” of each NATURAL application – size, complexity, metrics, data models & flows, interrelationships. This information is for consumption by non-ADABAS/NATURAL manager-types (who may not necessarily know what they are looking at) for decision-making purposes. So I am compiling all of the information that will make sense (??) to them in terms of feasibility studies. In order to do this (we do not use EntireX, NATRPC or Entire/NATURAL Connection) I have transferred all NATURAL libraries from z/OS to ADABAS/NATURAL/NEE on a single Windows XP box. Now it is time to create the documentation. (I haven’t started on the batch jobs yet.)