Generating printed form output files

Has anyone had experience with generating printed form output files from Natural - these are forms to be generated and output to some form of storage media and then printed by some third party vendor. We are looking at over 1 million forms.

Performance and efficiency is obviously a prime consideration here.

What options are available in Natural for generating these forms - PDF files, XML, etc, and what might be the preferred approach?

Have you looked at the Natural Reporter for Natural Open Systems?


I have not used Reporter much but from what I know of it, it does not easily lend itself to creating reports from multiple Adabas files with report data and text created from complex logic.

I need to take another look at it to see if it has changed/improved in the last few years.


Yes indeed. I have been using Natural Reporter with multiple files for quite a few years. No problems at all. You simply design your Report using “dummy” field names. Then you write a Natural program, with as complex logic and as many files as you would like.

The output of the Natural program is a Workfile, which is then used by the Natural Reporter Report.

If you have any problems, e-mail me (address below)