Estimation template for Natural program using Adabas files

Hello All,

We have been coding Natural programs on Mainframes. Those programs use Adabas calls to access data.

We develop estimation sheets based on our previous experience.

Can anybody share with us a standard template for preparing an estimation for a Natural program using Adabas on mainframes.

Thanks in Advance


There is no one-size-fits-all template without defining several variables which require the same amount of insight that you are looking for.

Companies like TCS have developed their own best practice in this realm, details of which I cannot divulge. Perhaps someone in your company can provide you with a best practice example.

Some tools might be available for purchase to help with impact analysis as well (e.g., Natural Engineer). If you have nothing in-house to use, you might look outside for one of these tools.

what are you trying to estimate - CPU, disk, ?


We are trying to estimate CPU time.

What we are currently doing is, estimating time based on the loops processed within the program and we are not very confident about our estimation.

It would be very great if you can give us a general idea to prepare a standard estimate for Natural programs using Adabas files.