Copyright notice including program name and date/time of generation in object


Is there a method of implementing a copyright notice/eyecatchers into Natural code, so that when an abend occurs you can identify the program the PSW address is pointing to. The copyright information would need to contain program name, author, and a date/time of generation in the loaded module.

Is there a way to achieve this?

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Natural already provides the module name, compilation timestamp, and user ID in the object’s header. The closest you will get to seeing copyright information there is to do the same as the rest of us. Compile into a uniquely named library with a special user ID. If those 16 characters aren’t enough, submit a feature request in Brainstorm.

Why would you want a Natural dump? I know a couple of Natural administrators, but no developers, who have ever looked at a Natural dump. I always set DU=OFF in my Natural parameters. Your ON ERROR logic should provide all the data you need to debug a module.

Remember that Natural’s compiler generates pseudo-code (which is interpreted by its runtime), not machine code (although there are exceptions to this). I don’t know that the PSW would help you.