Deleted Natural Programs

Is there any way to find when the natural program was deleted
and whom was deleted?

I can able to see load time through SYSBPM utility.

If so please let me know.


It depends.

If you are on Natural for Windows, the codes are on the file-system. Maybe you can use an undelete-utility…

Could you advice how we can see that log in Mainframe?

I don’t think you have an easy way to do this.

One thing you can do is try to determine when the deletion happened. If you have backups of your FUSER on an ADASAV or do regular NATUNLDs you can find a range of when this happened as being between the last time it existed and the first time it didn’t.

Knowing that you could scan you PLOGs selecting by the value of the LJ field which is a concatenation of library & program looking for deletions.

You still may not find all the answers unless you know who had what terminal id at the time.

Good luck!