tool to identify source code info from the object code

I’m looking for a tool (for natural on the mainframe) that can help me identify the source code that was used to create object code - something maybe as simple as the source codes save timestamp used to create the object code. Does something like this exist? Reason - we have an environment where someone can create object code and then overlay the source code with ‘old’ code so that the save date of the source code is older than the object code and visually all it looks like is someone saved the code a few days before catting the code. It’s a maintenance nightmare. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

If you simply LIST * *, you will get a list of all the objects in a library. If you see lines where text is intensified, you know that the source and object are out of synch.


True for the listing screen but in our environment, most our production code is copied into the production database keeping the save date of the source code but not allowing the object code to be copied, thus you have to cat the code again. In this design, that feature of the listing screen is mostly lost here. If everyone followed this procedure it would not be a problem, but when someone does it is hard to find that one issue right now.