Is there a way to find out the natural library, program and statement number in a CICS dump? I see these three fields in the sir (session information record) but they are unreliable.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just run with DU=OFF ?

We do run with DU=OFF but we get CICS (transaction/system) dumps every now and then.

re: Natural profile parameter DU=ON/OFF has no effect on CICS system dumps; CICS system dumps are controlled via CEMT: have a look at ‘Dumping’ in the CEMT I SYS map; also refer to CEMT I TRD and CEMT I SYD.
Re: Debugging info: you’ll find that Information in the Natural BB at offsets
x’20c’ Statement number, x’380’ library name, x’420’ program name. BB starts with string ‘CRAB’ and is most likely pointed to by abend register 12.

Thanks Klaus.
I also noticed that I can get to the BB from the IOCB (offset x’2DC’) and I can get to the IOCB from the SIR (offset x’D0’).

If the abend is in a COPYCODE I am getting the statement number of the COPYCODE. Is there a way to get the statement number of the INCLUDE statement or any indication that will tell me it’s a COPYCODE statement?